How would you like to double the number of DIXF entities you have?

A colleague pointed me to a hotfix that will be released in AX 2012 R3 CU10. The hotfix is KB3061216 and is called ‘Support for new DIXF entities’. The hotfix description lists fourteen AX modules and shows the number of new entities in each module; in total 226 new entities. But it doesn’t tell you what theContinue reading “How would you like to double the number of DIXF entities you have?”

Missing Default Order Settings with DIXF Products import

I was importing new Released Products into Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 using Data Import Export Framework’s ‘Products’ entity. Although the import was apparently successful, I found that fields on the Default Order Settings form were all greyed out. I had last encountered this problem nearly two years ago in AX 2012 FP. At thatContinue reading “Missing Default Order Settings with DIXF Products import”

DIXF error after changing Licence Configuration

If you’re using Data Import/Export Framework and the supplied entities you may experience the following error: This example appeared when attempting an import using the ‘Product’ entity. The full text of the error is: SysDictTable object not initialised. Stack trace (C)\Classes\DMFEntityWriter\write – line 244 (S)\Classes\DMFEntityWriter\runOnServerWriter – line 14 (C)\Classes\DMFEntityWriter\run – line 98 (C)\Classes\DMFEntityWriter\main – lineContinue reading “DIXF error after changing Licence Configuration”