Seen a mistake on

Maybe you can get it fixed.

I often find myself reading something on Microsoft Docs. Normally I’ve ended up there when I’ve googled for something…. and I don’t always have the highest hopes for what I might read there. A recent visit to the page titled Set up vendor accounts was a case in point. I wanted to know what a specific parameter setting did…. if I set a Vendor On hold to Requisition does that mean:

  • I can create Requisitions for the Vendor, but nothing else (purchase orders, invoicing, payments are all blocked)


  • This Vendor is blocked for Requisitions, but I can do everything else (purchase orders, invoicing, payments are all allowed) said it was the former:

yet a requirements document I was reading said the opposite. So I tested it (on a standard 10.0.8 environment), and I found that I was not allowed to add the vendor to a purchase requisition (or an RFQ), but that all other transaction types were allowed.

Basically, the opposite of what the help said. I made a note for myself, and was about to move on, when I noticed the possibility to Send feedback about this page:

So I wrote some comment, pressed Submit and thought nothing more of it

Two days later, I got an email: I have updated the topic – please review and approve.

A few hours after that, another: I reviewed and merged the update. It should go live soon.

Internal chatter from MS, updating the help page. I looked back to see what it said now:

Much better. Very helpful, in fact!

I had a look around, and found this help page which describes how you can provide updated help text yourself.

Perhaps I was the only person who didn’t know you could do this. But the next time you are on, and you see something wrong, do us all a favour and get it fixed!

Note – GitHub login is required to submit feedback or make help text suggestions.

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