Location directive action Strategy : Match packing quantity

I recently saw the question ‘What does Match packing quantity do?’. Match packing quantity is a Strategy that can be set on a Location directive action, and I realised that I had no idea what it did. Even worse, neither did the internet. The documentation reads: This strategy is used to verify whether a pickContinue reading “Location directive action Strategy : Match packing quantity”

Not Exist Joins in F&O 10.0.9 Advanced query?!

Big thank you to someone on a Yammer group for spotting that the Advanced filter or sort function in 10.0.9 supports Not Exist Joins: There’s nothing in the F&O release plan that specifically mentions that this functionality was being added, but it could well have come from a Community Driven Engineering pull request submitted lastContinue reading “Not Exist Joins in F&O 10.0.9 Advanced query?!”

Seen a mistake on docs.microsoft.com?

Maybe you can get it fixed. I often find myself reading something on Microsoft Docs. Normally I’ve ended up there when I’ve googled for something…. and I don’t always have the highest hopes for what I might read there. A recent visit to the page titled Set up vendor accounts was a case in point.Continue reading “Seen a mistake on docs.microsoft.com?”