Cancel ‘Product receipt’ and ‘Packing slip’ in WHS Scenarios

The 'Reverse' area on the 'Ship and receive' tab of the 'All loads' list page

AX 2012 introduced functionality to allow amendments to or cancellations of posted Sales order Packing slips (Delivery notes) and Purchase order Product receipts.

Correct / Cancel a posted Packing slip
Correct / Cancel a posted Packing slip

The functionality was an improvement over the solution available in AX 2009 and earlier, which was to create an order line for an equal but opposite quantity and post that on another packing slip, effectively reversing the earlier posting. As if to to confirm the that new functionality was the correct way to handle adjustments to posted packing slips and product receipts, the ability to reverse the posting using the AX 2009 method was removed in AX 2012.

This was all fine, until the release of AX 2012 R3 and the Warehouse management module. The functionality to Cancel or Correct Packing slips and Product receipts did not work well in scenarios which involved Warehouse management processes (with Loads, Shipments and the like), and with the release of CU9 the functionality was actually prohibited in these cases.

Unable to Cancel/Correct Product receipts and Packing slips in WHS scenarios
Unable to Cancel/Correct Product receipts and Packing slips in WHS scenarios

The good news is that Microsoft have reintroduced the functionality to WHS scenarios with CU12 – and you can get it now via hotfix KB3196554. I installed it into my R3 CU11 demo VM so that I could take a look.

It wasn’t immediately obvious how I could take advantage of the new functionality, so I extracted the contents of a model which had ‘KB3196554’ in the name:

Contents of the KB3196554 model
Contents of the KB3196554 model

The changes to the WHSLoadTable form looked the most promising; three new buttons on the ‘Ship and receive’ tab on the ribbon bar of the Load:

The 'Reverse' area on the 'Ship and receive' tab of the 'All loads' list page
The ‘Reverse’ area on the ‘Ship and receive’ tab of the ‘All loads’ list page

A maximum of one of these buttons will be available at any time, depending on which action is appropriate for the direction and status of the Load which you have highlighted. And you’ll also notice that it is now possible to Reverse the Confirmation of a Sales order Shipment (although it is still not possible to do that for a Shipment linked to a Transfer order).

After a quick look at the functionality, it seems that if you want to cancel a Sales order packing slip, you must do it from the Load; which is fine, because all Sales orders have Loads (even if you aren’t particularly using the Load functionality). However, you can also cancel a Purchase order Product receipt from the Product receipt journal, which is good, because the use of a Load is optional for Purchase order receipt.

The functionality in this R3 hotfix is also included in the November 2016 update for Dynamics 365 for Operations.


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15 thoughts on “Cancel ‘Product receipt’ and ‘Packing slip’ in WHS Scenarios

  1. Hei Terry..

    I just installed the hotfix in this article.
    Packing slip cancel button, cancel the receipt products stiil gray, and Reverse shipment confirm button not gray. Even the load id with load status is shiped. if I had been shortcomings in the setup or there is something wrong in the process of shipment.

    Btw my name is dimas nugraha.


    1. Hi Dimas,

      I think that, if you want to be able to reverse a packing slip, you need to have posted the packing slip from within the Warehouse module. That means not from the sales order, and not via the periodic job.

  2. Seems still can’t use the Correct button to adjust the product receipt even after applied the hotfix in CU11 environment.
    Does anyone have a workround for the product receipt correction in AX 2012 CU11?
    Looking forward to your replies, thank you!

    1. Hi,

      I don’t think this hotfix enables the ‘Correct’ functionality. I suppose you would have to cancel the whole receipt and process it again.

  3. Hi Guy, this is so helpful. Thanks for taking the time to put this post together. This was the functionality I was looking for. Although it’s too late to resolve the open sales orders I have to fix. Was was wondering if you’ve found a way to manage sales orders when a packing slip has already been cancelled. I can’t create new work and picking or pick list registration is disabled. I can’t even cancel the delivery remainder and close out the sales order and create new. So I’m stuck with a sales order line that is open, but can’t be delivered or cancelled.

  4. Excellent blog article but the finale , giving the hope that one could reverse PO receipts without the use of a LOAD, does not seem to be true. In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations (1611), we get the same error message when trying to reverse or correct a posted receipt for a Purchase order.

    1. Hi Evert,

      Thanks for the heads-up; can’t remember how I tested that. I’ll check it out again on the latest code I have and update the post.

      1. You were 100% right. We tested some more and the reversal for PO’s without a load works fine!!!

  5. Hello Guy,

    I already try to create Sales Order until finish and status Load Shipped use WMS. But, when I want to posting packing slip from form shipment, any error “Quantity has been reduced to 0.00.”.
    I checked packing slip journal field delivered is 0.0 and remaining qty is qty sales order. If I packing slip from Sales Order form is success but i can`t cancel packing slip.
    I used item P0004 or M1101, this item used tracking dimension batch-Phy.

    But, if I used item A001 or L101, this item used tracking dimension none.
    I process Sales Order until posting packing slip form form shipment is success no error and I can cancel packing slip.

    So far, I suggest from setting in tracking dimension.

    Can you help me for this issued?

      1. Hi Guy,

        Thanks for your answer.

        But, i already use ax 2012 CU12. I think KB3163813 and KB 3196554 already included in CU12.
        Or in that hotfix is last post update after launch CU12 for this issue?

        Thanks for your solution.

      2. CU12 was released 21st Nov. An updated 3196554 was released on 2nd Dec. 3163813 was released 21st Feb.

        In my experience CU12 has both the problems I described and neither of the fixes.

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