How would you like to double the number of DIXF entities you have?

A colleague pointed me to a hotfix that will be released in AX 2012 R3 CU10. The hotfix is KB3061216 and is called ‘Support for new DIXF entities’. The hotfix description lists fourteen AX modules and shows the number of new entities in each module; in total 226 new entities. But it doesn’t tell you what the new entities are. I only knew one way to find out, so I installed it into my R3 CU9 Demo VM.

Since I wanted to know which entities were new, first, I dumped a list of the entities that I had in CU9 into Excel; 238 in total. And then I installed KB3061216. And after completing the software update checklist, I rushed to the ‘Target entities’ form and hit the Export to Excel shortcut. And I still had 238 entities. Hmm. Not what I was expecting. Perhaps the list needs refreshing. I looked around for an option to do that, but couldn’t find one. What if I delete them all, and then re-open the Target entities form? Worth a try – and that did it. Now I have 467 entities.

That’s a whole 229 new entities. Actually, I did some comparisons and found that two of the entities in CU9 had disappeared – ‘VendPaymFee’ (Payment fee in the A/P module) and ‘Terminals’ from the Retail module. So that’s 231 new entities. What are they all? To save you the bother of installing the hotfix to find out, I’ve attached an Excel list of all 467 entities.

Entities KB3061216

In the list, the lines in green are entities that were added by the hotfix. I don’t know if any existing entities have been extended – I took a look at the Product entity and it appeared that it had not been. Let me know in the comments below if any entities you’ve really been waiting for have been added.

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