Upgrade to Windows 10

This post is nothing to do with Dynamics AX, but I thought I record how my upgrade to Windows 10 went. I said to myself that I wouldn’t install it straight away, since I’d prefer others to go through any early adopter problems. But impatience got the better of me!

On the 29th July, my PC started downloading the update (nearly 3GB):

Windows 10 is downloaded

When that was complete, it started asking if I wanted to install it. Oh, go on then! The first thing to do is accept the licence agreement:

Boring licence agreement

After a few seconds, Windows update announced it was ready to start:

Ready to upgrade

Clicking ‘Start the upgrade’ causes my PC to begin shutdown, triggering the familiar ‘Configuring update….. Do not turn off your computer’ message. After a minute or two, the upgrade process asked me to ‘Sit back and relax’. Never one to argue with that sort of instruction, I made a cup of tea.

Upgrading…. relax

After about 15 minutes, it appeared to be finished:

Upgrade done
Upgrade done

It asked if I wanted to accept some default settings. I wanted to see what that meant, so I went and clicked ‘Customise settings’. It turned out that I didn’t change anything, but at least I know what I was agreeing to. And then it was done.

Did I have any problems? The graphics card I have wanted two reboots, I don’t know why. I didn’t have to do anything else (but I had already read its driver had Windows 10 problems, and had updated it the day before).

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