‘Nothing happens’ when posting a Purchase order product receipt

I’ve encountered a problem when posting a product receipt on a purchase order that you need to see to believe. For this reason, I’ve recorded a video which shows the problem and the cause.

The problem is that, when posting a purchase order product receipt, nothing happens. This means the product receipt journal is not created, the status of the items on the order doesn’t update, and perhaps most surprising is that you don’t get an error message.

In my example, we see that a missing ‘Purchase expenditure, un-invoiced’ account on the item’s posting profile is responsible.


Author: Guy

AX Functional Consultant

3 thoughts on “‘Nothing happens’ when posting a Purchase order product receipt”

  1. Thanks Guy, have been pulling my hair out this afternoon why the product receipt wouldn’t post. Strange behavior indeed in R3 CU9. When I unticked the user options ‘execute business logic in CIL’ it posted fine, with that setting of the same behavior as in your blogpost. Very strange the consistency check didn’t find this one either, thanks again

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this!
    Debugging in non-CIL mode didn’t shed any light onto why this could happen as posting went fine then and yep I was going to debug it in CIL with VS. Luckily enough I’ve found your post just in time:)
    Would never suspect Purchase expenditure – un-invoiced account is to blame.

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