Windows Mobile Device Portal – bound to Port 0

I don’t know how, but the website for the Dynamics AX Windows Mobile Device Portal on my AX 2012 R3 CU8 solution demo virtual machine occasionally becomes bound to port 0.This seems to annoy IIS, and as a result I get ‘This page can’t be displayed’ when I attempt to visit the mobile device portal:

This page can't be displayed
The mobile device portal cannot be displayed.

In IIS Manager, I can see that this is because the site is stopped:

Site Stopped
This mobile device portal site is Stopped.

Attempting to start the site produces the error ‘Value does not fall within the expected range.’:

Cannot start website
The IIS site throws an error when you attempt to start it.

If you track down the cause of the error, you will find that it is because the site is bound to port 0. It is easy to fix this in IIS:

Remove Binding
Remove the Binding to Port 0.

After removing that particular binding, the mobile device portal site starts without a problem.

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