Trade Agreement Lines – Error when editing in Excel

In Dynamics AX 2012 R3, it became possible to edit Price / Discount Agreement Journal Lines in Excel.

Edit In Excel
You can edit Trade Agreement Lines in Excel

This is great if you’ve a large number of lines that you want to make adjustments to; for example, you can use the fill handle to populate a field on every record very quickly. It’s also useful if you find the functionality around copying, revising and adjusting trade agreement lines quite clunky.

You may come across an error when publishing changes back into the price / discount journal:

Microsoft Dynamics AX Office Addin
An error occurred. The data in the workbook and the behavior of any add-ins may not be correct. Consider contacting your system administrator about this problem.

There was an error downloading

Publish Trade Agreement Error
Error when Publishing changes to a Trade Agreement

To resolve the problem, you need to deploy the PriceDiscServices Service Group. From within the AOT, expand the ‘Service groups’ node. Find PriceDiscServices, and right-click on it. Choose ‘Deploy Service Group’.

Deploy Service Group
Deploy the PriceDiscServices Service Group

An Infolog will appear when deployment is complete. And you should now be able to Publish the changes back into the to price / discount journal.

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One thought on “Trade Agreement Lines – Error when editing in Excel

  1. Hi, thanks for the post. I had the same issue but after deploying the service Group i get the following error:
    Exception occurred on the metadata service on client or server. See exception details below:
    >Exception of type ‘Microsoft.Dynamics.Ax.Services.XppBridgeException’ was thrown.
    I’ve tried to do a full xpp and IL compile and also refreshed the WFC configuration but nothing helps. Do you have any idea?


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