Missing Country code on EU Sales List

EU Sales List

If you’ve printed the EU Sales List report, you may have been annoyed to find the Country code is missing. Not only that, but AX throws up the warning message “VAT code not specified for country/region” (or, in en-us, “Sales tax code not specified for country/region”).

EU Sales List Error
VAT code not specified for country/region

The answer is that you’ve missed some setup. But first, check which countries you have setup for Intrastat. They’ll be the one’s of type ‘EU’ listed here:

Organisation Administration -> Setup -> Foreign trade -> Foreign trade parameters -> ‘Country/region properties’

Make a note of each Country/region listed with the type ‘EU’.

The head over to:

General Ledger -> Setup -> VAT -> External -> Country/region parameters

On this form, add a record for each country that you have setup for Intrastat:

VAT Country Setup

The code you enter in the ‘VAT’ column is the code that will appear on the EU Sales List report:

EU Sales List
The EU Sales List report, complete with Country code

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